So pissed off. Fed up of everything. I cant be arsed with this. I just wanna rip my skin to shreds and scream. I’m done. Fuck everything. This is it. I don’t wanna be here anymore. Thanks to the people who tried to help but I’m too weak to cope. I give in. Life is pointless. Good fucking bye.

I never use this anymore but I need to let all this anger out. I’m fucking fed up. So many people think its okay to get involved in things which don’t concern them. People are trying to tell me what to do and are putting in lots of useless inputs to my life which isn’t needed at all. I feel so guilty. I’ve been told that I’m selfish and uncaring. I’ve been called heartless, ugly, selfish and unloyal. I’ve been told that I treat everyone like ahit and cause problems. Someone has just told me a plan to use for when I want to kill myself, they assured me it will work. Well, maybe in the next day or two we’ll see if it works. I fucking hope it does cause I don’t want to be alive anymore.

Can’t fucking stop crying.
I have nobody.
Nobody gives two fucks about me, I should just kill myself. Not like it would make a difference to anyones life and I would finally be at peace.

How many pills would it take to numb this pain but not kill me? Cqnnot cope.

I feel so fake. Very few people know the real me. People only ever usually get to see the person I pretend to be. People think I’m this brave, happy, care free girl who doesn’t give a shit but really I’n terrified and miserable. Nobody could love the real me and so I put up barriers to protect myself. The real me is a monster. Ugh.

Anonymous: Oh darling no :( You are not a burden, so far from it. Please just stay strong, chin up sweetie. Tomorrow is always another day. Take care <3 

Thank you, lovely. I am a burden though. Hope you’re having a good day.

Wow. So fucking triggered.

Anonymous: I love you 

I love you too